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Patty Greene, Square Dance Caller

Square Dancing!     
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Are you looking for a different activity for your next pot-luck supper, family reunion, company outing? How about trying a square dance fun night!? No experience is needed... if you know your right from your left (well, maybe 50% of the time), we'll show you the rest. It is an activity that all ages can participate in, from kids to grandparents. Please contact us for information on club dates, classes, square dance parties, fund raisers, and demonstrations. We'd love to see you in a square!

Square Dancing a great social activity! It's:

  • a place to meet and fellowship with people of all ages and all walks of life... from students to retirees, executives to construction workers, from white-collar to blue-collar to no collar at all!
  • all kinds of music, from big band/swing/golden oldies, to country, to rock and roll, to current top 40 hits...
  • great exercise - you can burn up lots of calories during an evening of dance, and it can be a fun, low-impact aerobic work-out...
  • a versatile, user-friendly activity that you can participate in anywhere in the world you go... The movements are called in the English language, and square dancers always ready to welcome new dancers.
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