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Patty Greene, Square Dance Caller

Square Dancing!About Patty & Steve     
Calling Experience Minimize

Patty is known for her singing, sense of humor and love of dancers.  She calls from square dance party nights to the Plus program throughout for square dance clubs and private groups all over the country.  She has taught square dancing for clubs since she started calling 1996, and enjoys teaching new dancers and workshopping with seasoned ones.

Patty has called at the North Carolina Square Dance Convention, the New England Square and Round Dance Convention, at many National Square and Round Dance Conventions, at the Canadian National Square and Round Dance Convention, and has been on staff for several local square dance weekends.  She currently records on Royal Records.

Patty has been a panelist at the national convention and the CALLERLAB convention, and while in New England was a NECCA-approved education specialist, speaking on the role of computers in square dancing, which she presented to caller and dancer organizations throughout New England.  She has served in various leadership roles for local, regional, and national organizations since 1996. She is currently a member and of the North Carolina Callers Association, member and Vice Chairman of the Metrolina Caller and Cuers Association, and is currently serving on the Board of Governors for CALLERLAB.

Our Dancing Background Minimize
Thanks to Steve's parent's "gentle" prodding, we started dancing in 1990, and have been dancing up a storm ever since. We took Mainstream and Plus lessons from Ed Monty through the Allemande 8's of Manchester, New Hampshire, and completed A-1 (after three times!!!) with Norm Poisson and Marilyn Rivenberg at the Mill-A-Round Dance Center. We have danced all over New England, on our honeymoon in the Pocanos, in Hawaii, on vacations, wherever we have been where we could find a dance... We have met wonderful people, and have made some great friendships through our square dancing.
Patty's Calling Roots Minimize
During our first square dance lessons, our teacher invited me to sing with him a couple of times, which I enjoyed, but never gave calling a second thought until winter of 1994, when Chris Pinkham, a dancing/caller friend of ours, informed me that I was joining him in the spring in the duets hall at the New England Square and Round Dance Convention. A couple of months of frantic practicing, and one convention later, I was hooked! I had finally found a way to use my music major from Plymouth State College (NH). Not exactly what I had envisioned, but boy, what a blessing it has turned out to be!
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